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What is a UAV

UAVs are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - also commonly known as Drones.

They are a remote control device that have practically unlimited applications in Film and Photographic production.

We can operate UAVs in most situations and areas - even indoors!

How Does It Benefit Me?

Showcasing your product or service with Aerial Photography opens up an amazing new world of accessibility to your customers to see what you're offering from a totally unique perspective.

Almost everything looks better with an elevated photo and Aerial Photography is the perfect medium to achieve this.

What Can Be Photographed

We can take Photos and Video of practically anything.

  • Construction
  • Weddings
  • Real Estate
  • Aerial Site Tours

Plus there are MANY more applications. Please get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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Experts in Aerial Photography

SmartView Media is based in Palmerston North, New Zealand and primarily covers the lower North Island. If you live outside of this area please enquire anyway as we are happy to look at and quote for any location.

We specialise in Aerial Photography for customers looking for that unique point of view for their next project.

We only operate top of the line UAV systems and have the ability to cover practically any shooting situation.

Qualified and Experienced

All of our pilots at SmartView Media are members of the New Zealand Model Aircraft Association and all of our flights comply completely with all current CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) legislation and rules.

Between our pilots we have over 10 years experience operating UAV craft.

For your benefit you can be assured that all our jobs are overseen by a very experienced operator to provide the safest environment we can to property, people and other operations.

Flight & Environment Restrictions

Currently the rules surrounding use of UAV systems in New Zealand limits them to an upper ceiling of 120M (400ft) AGL and only within line of site of the operator.

Landowner permission is also required for all flights in New Zealand.

The only drawback can be the natural environment. We are unable to complete jobs in high winds or rain. If a job is booked and has to be postponed due to weather, rest assured that we will do it on the next suitable day with no extra charges to you.

We service ALL of New Zealand

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Safety First

We take Health and Safety very seriously

Health & Safety Policies

We believe Health and Safety in the workplace is the highest priority for our staff and members of the public so we have full, and in depth manuals in place to guarantee this. 

Before undertaking any flight we always do a thorough check of our equipment, the area we will be operating in and most importantly our pilots to make sure they are capable of performing the task at hand.

We have strict policies in place for Flight Logging, gaining appropriate consent from affected local and national Aircraft Operation Centers and for Risk Assessment prior to every job being carried out.

Craft Maintenance

Maintenance of our UAV systems is done very regularly and prior to any flight. This drastically reduces the chance of an in-flight failure.

Our craft are already of the highest quality and all components, if and when required are replaced with genuine components to guarantee we are flying safely.

Not only do we service our flight systems, we also make sure all the important ground equipment we use is up to standard, and this extends to our vehicles and staff members as safety doesn't just start once we get to site.


All of our UAV systems utilise GPS navigation and tracking to make sure they are flying within specific areas, and all have manual operation backup in case this fails so we can safely land the craft.

Our typical Landing Zone area is a coned off area although for some applications and job sites this isn't always necessary.

All of our pilots have access to Personal Protective Equipment to make sure they can be seen when required and safe on sites such as Construction or Civil Engineering projects. 

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