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Bridge Inspections

We provide a full service for inspection Bridges for Damage and Decay. By using a UAV you greatly reduce the expense and safety requirements of traditional forms of inspection.

Property Inspection

Are you looking to buy a property, or to get landscaping done and want more in-depth information? Utilizing a UAV gives you a complete overview of your property.

Roof Inspections

With the rules surrounding roof access and requiring safety rails, UAV Photography is the smartest way to perform roof inspections with ZERO danger to human life.

Other Services

The extent of UAV inspection services is almost limitless. We can provide for Hazardous Areas, Insurance, Event Monitor, Forensic Photography and Emergency response.



We provide full Aerial Photography for roading projects, maintenance and repair.

With highly cost effective packages available to suit any project and budget we will help you save money and provide all the information you need.


We provide Geotechnical aerial photography to track and monitor slipping and erosion. 

Using UAVs to monitor slipping or erosion in hard to reach areas or unstable terrain is a much safer way. This method is also far more cost effective than traditional Aerial Photography. 


City and country waterway routes can easily be catalogued for observation and maintenance. 

With a UAVs ability to capture data quickly and cost effectivley it's easy to see why utilising this latest technology is better than traditional forms of Aerial Photography.

Other Services

We also cater to most other areas as required.

We can provide inspections and monitoring for mining, forestry, transmission lines, gas lines, railways and other utilities. 

Please contact us today with what you have in mind and we will be happy to assist.

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