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Shop Drawings

We specialise in Shop Drawings for Aluminium Composite Material Cladding and have over 10 years of experience producing drawings for main contractors.

We have also provided Shop Drawings for Aluminium Joinery, Accessibility Hoists and both Residential and Commercial Garage Doors.

2D & 3D CAD

Being able to show your client a clean and professional drawing or full 3D model of their product prior to manufacture can make a world of difference. Our 2D and 3D CAD service is perfect anyone wanting to showcase their idea or product.

CAD Tracing

Our CAD tracing service is for converting 2D plans into updated digital copies.

We can convert any old plans or drawings into updated Digital Masters. These are provided in industry standard DWG, DXF and PDF formats as required.

File Formats

We offer a high quality 2D and 3D Design and Drawing service to make sure your products are presented how you need them.

We provide DXF, DWG, PDF, FEA Analysis, 3D Models for printing and CNC production and CAB files.

CNC Ready Drawings

We work extensively with 2D CNC machines and have a vast knowledge in the production of suitable drawings for everything including Plastics, ACM, Aluminium, MDF and more.

CNC Operation

Along with our drawing expertise we have over 6 years of experience with NC Studio and CNC operation in the production of many types of construction materials to Cladding, Caravan and Signage industries to name a few. 

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We have over 12 years of experience in the Construction Industry providing Design, Fabrication and Installation of ACM panel. This gives us a unique point of view to be able to provide top quality shop drawings as we have in depth knowledge of the product, it's applications and limits. 

Along with the experience in ACM we have been providing CAD Drawings for engineering firms and other applications for over 6 years and have a firm understanding to give you professional drawings as you may require. 

CAD Drawing Advantages

Having comprehensive CAD drawings gives you the ability to have all your drawings on file for easy access at any time. It also means you have clear and precise drawings so if you have a new team member or you need to outsource to a third party they can start to manufacture without delay. 

Many end-users require concise drawings to accompany their products and services for their own records and having CAD drawings helps alleviate this issue.